Types Of Recliner Handles (A-Z Guide In 2024)

There are different types of recliner handles available for different kinds of purposes. If you want all these handles information, then you are now at the right place. 

Recliner handles are the most sensitive part of every recliner. So taking care of this part is very important for you if you love your recliner. Because these recliner handles are broken down quickly. As a result, technicians are charged a high amount of money to repair it.

But you can also repair it at your home yourself. But for this, you must have knowledge about different types of recliner handles. 

In this blog post, we will discuss with you the different types of recliner handles which are available in the market. Without wasting any time, let’s start jumping into our topic. 

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Types Of Recliner Handles

  1. Flapper Handles
  2. Lever Handle 
  3. D-Ring Handlebar 
Types Of Recliner Handles

There are commonly three types of different recliner handles available in the industry, and they are D-ring, lever, and flapper. All of these recliner handles consist of different from each other, but their work is the same. The main difference between these handles is their work style. 

Now let’s describe these recliner handles one by one briefly so that you will understand these recliners deeply. 

Flapper Handles

Our first handle type is known as the flapper handle. It is one of the most used handles. The Flapper handlebar is totally different from these two recliner handles. The most exciting part is that this recliner handle is more noticeable than its counterparts; that’s why it is more exceptional than other handlebars. 

This handlebar is fitted inside the recliner. It is the safest handlebar. Now, how can you use this handlebar to recline a recliner? 

For this, you pull out the flaps using your hand. After pulling the flaps, your recliner will be started to recline. This handlebar is very similar to car doors. It means when you pull the flaps, then your recliner is activated to recline. Because of this reason, most recliner brands use this handlebar to be manufacturing their recliner. 

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Lever Handle 

It is also a very popular and well-reputed handlebar which is used in most recliners. On the other hand, it is the most effortless and most commonly used lever handle. The most exciting part is that this recliner handle is made with wood, plastic, and metal material so that it can use by both adults and children. 

Now let’s talk about how you can use this recliner handle to operate a recliner. To use this handle, you open the recliner and pull it back physically. After doing this, your recliner will be started to recline.

This handle is mainly used in some cheap recliners. Because as we already mentioned that these types of recliner handles are made with plastic, wood, and metal material; here, you don’t get advanced technology. 

Now let’s discuss what you will do if your lever handlebar is damaged. For this, you don’t need any heavy level of experience. You need some tools to fix it.

Firstly, push the recliner chair forward. After pushing it, you noticed the recliner sides were exposed. After now, it exposed you the all the screwdrivers. Now let’s take a screwdriver and repair it. 

It is the process of how you can repair a lever handlebar step by step. Now let’s describe what is D-Ring handlebar is.

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D-Ring Handlebar 

Here the most exciting topic is why its name is the D-Ring handlebar. Well, the main reason for this is the handlebar’s shape is looked like the English alphabet letter D. That’s why its name is the D-Ring handlebar.

Do you know these handlebars’ inner designs look like a parachute style which looks unique? Now let’s talk about how you can use this handlebar to recline a recliner. 

For this, you pull the string. After removing the string, your recliner will be started to recline. Now let’s discuss what you do. If you are having an issue with this handlebar, then can you fix it? 

Here we mentioned one thing that is this handlebar is hard to fix as compared to those two handlebars. Because its mechanism is totally different from others, it would be best if you had a little bit of experience to fix this problem. 

Just open the screws using the screwdrivers. After removing its screws, then open the handlebar and check where the problem is caused. After finding the situation in the next step, solve out, then again fix the screws. 

It is a more complicated process than those two handlebars. We recommend you to higher a mechanic for better results. 

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How Do You Replace A Recliner Chair Handle?

If you also want to know how you can replace a recliner chair handle, then below we mentioned some most straightforward steps which are helping to replace the recliner chair handle. 

Select the right handlebar for your recliner. 

Before replacing any handle, we highly recommend you must purchase the correct size recliner handle which properly fits your recliner. 

Remove The Handlebar 

First, remove the recliner handle using the screwdrivers. But keep in mind to store the screwdrivers in a safe place because after finishing all work, you need the screws.

Remove All The Cables  

After removing the covers in the next step, remove all the cables which are attached to the recliner handlebar. Remove the wires carefully. 

Replace The New Handlebar 

After removing the cables, in the next step, take out the handlebar and replace the new handle and, again, joint the wires correctly. 

Attach the Covers 

After joining the cables properly now, again re-attach the covers and close them using the screw using the screwdriver tools. 

It is the process of how you can replace a new recliner handlebar step by step at your home. You can also watch its video tutorial.

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Which recliner mechanism is best?

Answer- According to our experience Leggett and Platt mechanism is the best recliner mechanism. Because it is easy to use and it is also very smooth and durable.

Are recliner handles universal?

Answer- A single explanation is no. Recliner handles are not universal. Before purchasing any handlebar for your recliner, consider its size and other factors.

What is the difference between a theatre recliner and a regular recliner?

Answer: The main difference between these two recliners is theatre recliner is allowing to move your neck and other parts. On the other hand, a regular recliner does not provide you with moving your neck comfortably.

Are recliner sofas for older adults?

Answer: A single answer is no. The recliner sofa is suitable for all kinds of people. Its smooth material provides you with the next level of comfort. 

Do power or manual recliners last longer?

Answer: A single answer is no. It is only a myth. Your recliner’s age is depended on your usage and how you can take care of your recliner. But a recliner can last a minimum of at least 5 to 9 years.

Is it reasonable to sleep in a recliner instead of a bed?

Answer- Yes. It is good. But sleeping on a recliner instead of a bed for regular is not ideal. It can cause neck or back pain. 

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