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Hey! I am Alex Cotta from the United States Of America. I started this blog on October 2022 to provide and suggest everything related to chairs, furniture, recliners, tables, glider and stools through my 38 years of Experience.

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Hey, my name is Ella, I am from the united states of America. I am the Chief Editor of thechairguider.com. By profession, I have been a doctor for the last 21 years. I also have knowledge about chairs and recliners from the previous 15 years.

I have done lots of research about chairs and recliners for the last 13 to 15 years. Through this website, I will provide you with each and every detail about chairs and recliners, which is I got from my experience.

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Hey, my name is Sophia, and my birthplace is New York. By profession, I have been a professional interior designer for the last 16 years. I love to do research about furniture and tables.

I am also the senior editor of thechairguider.com. On this website, I share tips and tricks about furniture and tables. On the other hand, I will discuss with you the best furniture and tables which are best for performance and which help you.

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Alex Carry

My name is Alexy carry from California. This website is best for getting information related to chairs and furniture's.


By profession I am also a professional interior designer and also a businesswomen. I loved this site very much. The content here uploaded was excellent.


Myself Georgina and I am from Washingtone. Before some months i searching for an best chairs for my office and i found this website on google. It is really such a excellent site for getting information about chairs.

Web Creator

Hey, Aria is here. This site is best for those people who wants to getting information related to chairs, furniture's, recliners like me. I subscribed its Newslater for upcoming updates.

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