Catnapper Recliner Problems | 4 Major Problems & Solutions

If you also want to know about catnapper recliner problems and find the solution to this problem, then you are now clicked on the perfect blog post.

Catnapper is a popular recliner chair manufacturing brand which has been manufacturing its products for more than 50 years and distributing them whole around the world. It is a very trusted and well-repudiated brand in this industry.

Every recliner has its own advantages and its own disadvantages. In this ultimate blog post, we will be going to discuss with you catnapper recliner problems which you can face in future. So, without wasting any single time, let’s jump into our topic.

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Catnapper Recliner Problems

Catnapper Recliner Problems

There are lots of problems you may face, but we will discuss with you some of the common issues which you can meet. Power recliners are much better than manual recliners, but power recliners are more expensive as compared to manual.

But you need help with power recliners as compared to manual recliners. Below we mentioned some of the common issues.

It fails to recline. 

As you know, power recliners come with lots of features and advantages. These recliners are fully automatic and fully adjustable. Because of its automated features, it manages all its settings and modes automatically.

Sometimes these recliners are stopped from reclining. The main reason for this is happening for its automatic function because its automatic process adjusts all temperature settings and all modes itself this problem occurs.

But don’t be worried because it is not a very big issue as you think. It is a typical problem. You can quickly solve this issue with your home by following some simple guides.

This problem may cause by your backrest and footrest option. Because these parts are reclined most.

Now let’s talk about what was its solution. Well, its easiest solution is just removing the recliner plug from the electric board and switching off the recliner for 5 to 10 minutes. Then, again install the plug in the electric panel and switch on the recliner. Your problem will be solved.

If the problem is not solved, then you can contact your recliner customer care service.

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Power Problem 

It is one of the most common problems which is happening in catnapper recliners. The power problem occurs if you use your catnapper recliner for an extended period without giving any rest.

Because of this problem, the motor will stop generating power because the motor isn’t able to consume electricity because of too many uses.

And the other hand, its transmitter will be defused so that this problem has occurred. We highly recommend you to must give rest your recliner after using it for 1-2 hours.

If you face this problem, then you can give rest to your recliner and start again. If your problem still needs to be solved, then check whether its transformer is dead or not. If the transformer is over, then it is mandatory to change your transformer.

Power Modes Are Not Working Properly

It is another problem which you can face in your catnapper recliner. As we already mentioned that these types of advanced recliners come with both manual and automatic features. Its automatic feature is adjusting its modes and temperature according to your usage. But in manual mode, you do it manually according to yourself.

Sometimes you repeatedly change its modes without giving it rest. In this case, chances will be high that your modes were not working properly because these modes are taking some time to change ideally. If you suddenly change its modes, then it is complicated to harm your recliner.

Please give us some time to change your recliner mode. Give a minimum of 4 to 5 minutes to change the mode properly. So that the recliner works perfectly.

If your problem is not solved, then plug out the wire from the electric board and switch off the recliner for some time. Then again, start your recliner.

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Suddenly Stopped 

It is also a common problem. It happened due to an electrical problem. It means your recliner needs to consume the proper amount of electricity. For this issue, you can check your electricity issue; otherwise, purchase an electricity controller.

On the other hand, the main reason is your recliner doesn’t handle the electricity which your electric board consume. That’s why we recommend you purchase an electric controller which helps you to control the electricity which your electric board produce.

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How To Solve Catnapper Recliner Remote Not Working Problem

Well, there are so many users who face this problem. Below we mentioned some easiest methods which will help you to solve this problem.

Sometimes the remoted battery is dead. Because of this problem, it may happen. You must check its battery to see if it is dead or not. If your battery is dead, then install a new battery in it.

Some users are using the recliner remote for a long distance. Because of this problem, the remote is unable to receive the signal. That’s why the removal is not able to work perfectly. It is another reason. Always use the recliner remote in a short range.

Now the last reason is its buttons. Many times, some buttons are unable to work properly because of some damage. The damage is occurring for many reasons. If you face the issue, then we recommend you change the remote for better results.

How To Use Catnapper Recliner Reset Button

Now let’s talk about how you can use the reset button in a catnapper recliner. This button is used to reset the recliner. Reset means to set the chair newly.

Suppose by mistake you change the recliner setting and don’t able to recover it again. Then, in this case, you can use the reset button to solve this issue. But always keep in mind that the reset button sets all the settings new.

To use this button, switch on the recliner and click the reset button, which is placed on the back of the recliner. Just click the reset button for 1 to 2 minutes. After clicking the button, the recliner will be reset.

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Are Catnapper recliners good quality?

Answer- A single answer is yes. Catnapper is a well-reputed, famous recliner manufacturing brand in this industry. Its recliners are expensive compared to any other recliners. They used high-quality materials to manufacture their recliners. That’s why its recliners are good quality.

Are Catnapper recliners worth for money?

Answer- A single answer is yes. Catnapper recliners are worth for money because they are used high-quality materials and manufacture the recliners by considering the user’s intention. Because of this reason, it is worth cash.

How old is Catnapper brand?

Answer- Catnapper is old more than 50 years plus. It is known for its build quality and its features.

Who is Catnapper made by?

Answer- Catnapper is made by Jackson Furniture. It is an ancient brand which is manufactured recliners and furniture’s more than 50 plus years.

How do you clean a Catnapper recliner?

Answer- It is very easy to clean. You can use the normal dry cloth or any cleaning detergent to clean the recliner.


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