How To Make Bean Bag Boards Slippery ? 8 Incredible Methods

How to make bean bag boards slippery? If you also want to know this, then you are now clicked on the right blog post.

There are plenty of methods available to make your bean bag slippery, but here we discuss with you the easiest and fastest way to make your bean bag slippery, which will provide you best-slipping experience.

Without wasting a single second, let’s jump into our topic.

How To Make Bean Bag Boards Slippery 

Use The Olive Oil 

How To Make Bean Bag Boards Slippery

It is one of my favourite methods to make bean bags more slippery. Because it consumes less time and is a very effective method. Olive oil helps to enhance your slick feature so that you will enjoy your game.

Olive oil is very eco-friendly, and it will help to polish your bean bag so that your bag gets slippery. Again here we mentioned one thing before using olive oil must clean your bean bag and then apply it.

Take a small amount of olive oil and apply it to the bag, and spread it using a standard dry cloth. After using the oil then, apply some water. Now your bag is ready to use.

Apply The Furniture Polish To The Bean Bag 

It is the simplest and fastest technique to make your bean bag slippery. Now you think about how it works.

Furniture polishes are made with a silicon material, which offers your bean bag a shiny surface with a better slipping experience.

We highly recommend you must clean your bean bag before applying the furniture polish so that you will get the best result. There are plenty of furniture polishes available in the market. According to your usage, pick the best polisher.

To use this furniture, apply a small amount of polish into the bean bag and speared it using a regular cloth. For better use, the bean bags after using the polisher for 1 hour.

Use a silicone spray To Make it more slippery. 

Silicone is another way to make your bean bag slippery. Silicone is provided you with a super silky non-stick surface. Because of silicone, the bean bag includes friction which helps to make it tricky.

Before using this silicone spray must consider your bean bag was cleaned and thoroughly dried. After drying the bean bag now, apply the silicon spray to the bean bag and spread it using an ordinary dry cloth.

After applying the silicone spray, leave it for 1-2 hours for better use. But one thing you must consider, Not use silicone spray too much.

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Using the sandpaper 

How To Make Bean Bag Boards Slippery

Do you know the main reason why your bean bag does not slippery? The main reason for this issue is roughness. To prevent this roughness, use high-quality sandpaper.

But keep in mind that there are different types of sandpapers available in the market. According to your material, pick the best sandpaper.

We recommend you clean your bean bag before using the sandpaper. To use this sandpaper, apply the sandpaper and wait for a minimum of 1 day to make your bean bag slippery. After leaving it for one day now, your bean bag is ready to use.

Use Kernal Corn Powder 

It is an amusing and interesting fact in a bean bag. Now are you think that how it is a funny thing? Well, as you know, there are 90% bean bags made with Kernal Corn seeds to provide you with the best comfort.

After consumption, sometimes, these seeds produce corn powder and release it automatically. As a result, your bean bag was slippery automatically. It is the natural process of making your bean bag slippery.

Using A Baby Powder 

Baby powder is one of the easiest ways to make your bean bag more and more slippery. For this, you need only baby powder.

Just sprinkle the little amount of baby powder into the bean bag board and spread it using any brush or using your hand. After applying the baby powder, leave it for some time.

The baby powder helps to provide you with a smooth and rough surface so that your bean bag looks very shiny, and it will give you the best sleepy feeling.

Use A Wax 

You can use two different types of wax. The first one is a candle, and another one is spray wax which you can buy in any local market.

For this, spray a small amount of spray wax into the bean bag and spear it using the hand or using any brush so that the wax is appropriately speared, and it will provide you best-slipping experience.

Use A Soap 

How To Make Bean Bag Boards Slippery

Soap is used for bathing. But do you know using soap you can make your bean bag slippery, which helps you to provide your best enjoyment?

There are lots of different types of soaps available on the market. You can pick any one soap. Before applying it to the bean bag, we highly recommend you clean your bean bag and drop some water there.

So that the soap will provide you better-slipping experience.

You can also use a bar of liquid soap for better results because liquid soaps are manufactured only for this purpose. On the other hand, liquid soaps contain lots of oil ness so that it will enhance your slipping ness.


Why are bean bags so expensive?

Answer- One of the measure reasons for bean bags’ price is bean bags are filled up with original seeds, and also, their covers are made with high-quality material. So bean bags are so expensive compared to any other typical chairs.

Is sitting on a bean bag healthy?

Answer- A single answer is yes. Bean bags help to prevent your many health issues, including back pain, neck pain, spine pain etc. Because it is made with a high-quality sponge, it will provide you with the best comfort.

What is the purpose of a bean bag?

Answer- Basically, bean bags are made with high-quality sponges, seeds, PVC pellets, and expanded polystyrene. Its main intention is to provide you with relaxation.

Are bean bags unhealthy?

Answer- A single answer is NO. Bean bags are not harming your body. But if you are using a bean bag for too much time, then it can cause some side effects.

How often do you change beans in a bean bag?

Answer- We recommend you change your bean bag every two years. Because it is the perfect time for changing the bean bag.


This article is helpful for you. In this article, I will share with you how to make bean bag boards slippery so that you can enjoy your water game. If you found this article helpful for you, then you can share it with your friends. If you have any questions regarding this article, please ask me in the comment section.

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