How To Identify Ekornes Chair ? 6 Excellent Methods In 2023

If you need clarification while selecting the Ekornes chair and searching for for how to identify ekornes chair on Google, then now your search is over here.

I know now you think that how? In this blog post, we will discuss with you the most straightforward way which helps you to determine the Ekornes chair.

Basically, Ekornes chairs are famous for their comfort, build quality, design and features. But in 2023, there are lots of brands making the same design chairs like Ekornes. In this case, finding the exact Ekornes chair is challenging for you.

After reading this article, your problem will be solved 100%. Without wasting any time, let’s jump into our topic.

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How To Identify Ekornes Chair

  1. Considering Their Logo
  2. Considering Their Feature
  3. Leather Quality
  4. Considering Their Construction
  5. By Considering Their Warranty
  6. Checking Their Button

How To Identify Ekornes Chair

Considering Their Logo 

It is the first step which you look must. Ekornes chairs have their personal branding logo. Basically, its logo started with the “E” character.

I know many fake brands are making the same design as Ekornes chairs, but it is entirely illegal to design the same branding logo.

By considering this factor, you will quickly evaluate the Ekornes chair.

Considering Their Feature 

As I already mentioned, Ekornes chairs are trendy for their features and their build quality. The most exciting fact is that all Ekornes chairs make their stressless line using the glide system, which helps you to move your body smoothly and comfortably.

On the other hand, ekornes chairs provide you with many features, which you can read by visiting their official website or any product description. By considering this factor, you will easily be able to determine the Ekornes chair.

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Leather Quality

It is another the foremost important factor which you must consider. Because Ekornes chairs are built with high-quality leather material, if the chair is made with high-quality leather materials, then you will quickly confirm that it is an Ekornes chair.

Basically, mainly there are three types of leather used to make a chair that is Faux leather, Bicast leather and Nappa leather.

Ekornes use faux leather material to be manufacturing their chairs because faux leather is one of the most expensive and high-quality leather materials in this world.

Considering Their Construction 

As I already told you, Ekornes chairs are trendy for their build quality and their features. On the other hand, ekornes chairs come in different sizes and different price ranges.

Now the most asked question is how you can determine it by considering its construction. The easiest method is to look at their legs. Ekornes chairs are designed with sleek and modern legs by considering the trends and users’ satisfaction.

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By Considering Their Warranty

Basically, Ekornes chairs come with ten years manufacturing warranty, and on the other hand, you will get a 1-year warranty on their leather materials. This kind of extended warranty does not provide any chair brand.

Checking Their Button 

Ekornes chairs come with lots of features and unique designs, and their buttons are the finest example of this.

When you go to purchase any Ekornes chair, then, you will notice that the starting button is placed inside the backrest. It is a unique design, and this feature doesn’t provide any chair brand. By considering this feature, you will quickly determine the Ekornes chair.

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Why Ekornes Chairs Are Very Comfortable Than Other Chairs?

There are lots of factors included why Ekornes chairs are very comfortable than any other chairs. Below we mention some of the reasons.

  1. Basically, Ekornes chairs are made with high-quality faux leather material, which is very expensive. Because of this reason, it provides you best comfort and durability than any other ordinary chair.
  2. On the other hand, this chair is made by considering the human body structure, which provides you best sitting position.
  3. One of the most advantages of Ekornes is these chairs are made with European beech wood material, which gives you the best stability and durability in any situation. That’s why most people love it.
  4. Ekornes brand provides you with a long-life warranty feature, which doesn’t offer by any chair manufacturing company.
  5. Because of its design, the Ekornes chair provides you best lumbar and back support, and it will help to prevent your back and neck issues.

These are some advantages between an Ekornes chair and a standard chair. Now let’s talk about the history of Ekornes.


What is the difference between Ekornes and Stressless?

Answer- Basically, there are lots of differences between an Ekornes chair and a stressless chair. But the main fundamental difference is their design and supporting structure. Stressless chairs have more supporting structure as compared to ekornes chairs.

How can you tell the size of an Ekornes?

Answer- There are lots of ways available for verifying the size of an Ekornes. But here I will provide you with the most uncomplicated and easy guide. For this, you can measure the distance between the middle of the arm support bars under the armrest of your Ekornes chair to determine the size of the Ekornes.

What makes a chair Stressless?

Answer- Stressless chairs are made by considering the human body spine structure so that they will provide you with the best comfort for your body. The building structure makes a chair stressless.

How long does a stressless recliner last?

Answer- If I answered this question, then it totally depends on your usage and your caring process. But a stressless recliner lasts a minimum of 10-15 years easily.

Do Stressless chairs only come in leather?

Answer- A single answer is no. All stressed chairs do not come with leather material. Some stressless recliners come with velvet and polyester material.

Can Ekornes chairs be easy to use?

Answer- A single answer is yes. Ekornes chairs are effortless to use, and it is also very safe. On the other hand, these chairs provide you long-time warranty service.

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This article is helpful for you. In this article, we discuss with you how to identify ekornes chair with 6 simple steps. By following these six simple steps, you will quickly identify an Ekornes chair.

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